Projects I’m Trying To Complete #1: Chick$$$ – A Girls Spoof

August 21, 2014

First some backstory: In 2012, a little-watched show appeared on HBO titled “Girls” that was marketed as “Sex And The City for 20-something artists.” It was billed as being as real as it is groundbreaking and was written by Lena Dunham, a critically acclaimed actress/writer/director/visionary/Kashi-eater. And this little show generated more think-pieces and articles than …Read more…

Game Show Network Clip

August 21, 2014

I know, I know, there should be an official launch of this. But I have to get used to the exercise of blogging again, so here is a fun older post updated for ya: Okay, so people sometimes ask me: “Hey Calvin what’s your television credit?” Well, I and two friends were on a show …Read more…