Controversial Opinion: Fuck Melania Trump

I keep seeing #FreeMelania hashtags and calls that she is blameless and that we should leave her alone. To that sentiment, I say “Stop doing this.” Melania is not an innocent Bambi who strayed too far into the woods and is now at risk. Melania made her bed made of safety pins and knives with Donald Trump and now she has to lie in it with an overly bronzed Jabba the Hutt.

Now obviously, she is not as bad as that greasy orange blumpkin but she is the worst kind of white non-ally. Melania is the shining idol of white complicity; she is that white woman who stands quietly by as her companion spews racism and atrocities. She is the queen of the “I got mine” mindset. And indeed she does have hers. She gets to live in a garish eye-searing apartment with her servants and her pampered son. She barely had to speak during her husband’s campaign. Her life comprises two jobs: stand close to Donald Trump and squint bewilderedly in cameras.

And she may not say racist things; she may even have positive opinions about Mexicans. But I’m sure she doesn’t discuss any of her opinions with Trump. I know that she has done jack shit to try to change his mind. She’s done nothing to push his ultra-right wing, regressive, and prejudiced views more towards the center. She did fuck all deterring him from running for President of the United States, a position that Trump is vastly unqualified for considering he has never held a public office position nor served in the military.

Let me be clear. I am NOT okay with the folks calling Melania Trump a “rent-a-ho” or people sharing Melania’s naked pictures in an attempt to slut-shame her. I really don’t give a shit. We ALL have naked pictures somewhere on the internet. I’ve racked up a high sex partner count. Frankly, I wouldn’t even blame her if she was an actual prostitute merely having sex with Trump, taking his money and immediately heading back to her own apartment after wiping his cheap spray tan off her body. But at the same time, I think she’s cowardly, intellectually lazy, and the worst kind of supervillain. She consciously chose to marry and be permanently linked with this man, come hell or high water. She’s content with sitting by the throne all Botoxed up because she believes that this presidency is just another inconvenience of the Donald that she has to put up with for the paychecks. She is the Mercy Graves to Donald’s Lex Luthor, fine with wearing cute outfits and holding doors for her man as he buys and sells human rights like they’re penny stocks.

To the people who claim that she can’t rebel because of the pre-nuptial agreement, fuck all of that. As of this writing, Donald Trump has a 40% approval rating. He is not even in office and he’s in the running to being the most hated man in America. Does Melania think that high-level Democrats and anti-Trump organizations wouldn’t be chomping at the bit to pay her legal fees and support her financially if she spilled where all the skeletons are? I’d argue that Melania would be the most loved person in the world if she stood up and said “Fuck it, Donald Trump is trash and here are ALL the receipts.” Any lawsuits Trump would toss her way would be taken care of by high-powered lawyers. And sure, maybe her standard of living would be reduced, but were I her, I would be fine with making $1 million or so less and not have to live in a tacky-ass building that even Scrooge McDuck would say “Ew, too much gold!”

In terms of social capital, Melania stands to gain so much by breaking away from and divorcing that burnt sienna devil dog. She would be Mata Hari crossed with Wonder Woman. Hell, I’d take down this post. But, Melania is the face of white cowardice, where she just doesn’t think that vehement racism, sexism, and xenophobia are deal-breakers as long as gets to sleep on Egyptian cotton. Rocking the boat is too hard, and she doesn’t want to rock boats lest she get put on the next one out of this country.

And furthermore to the people saying that she did not ask to be part of the Trump presidency machine, I don’t buy that. Because once again, she can get a goddamn divorce. I’m sure that no candidate’s spouse wants to be a part of the political machine but that’s not how this works. Michelle Obama has repeatedly expressed how difficult it is to be in the public eye but she endured it. She has to smile and dismiss years and years of terrible gorilla memes, crude racist remarks, protester ambushes, and people criticizing and insulting her children. But she continued to campaign and support Barack Obama because she believed in both his ideals and the idea that America is already a great nation.

While I’m not going to do things like call Melania anti-woman slurs or take a poop on pictures of her face, I’m also not going to sit here and act like she’s not part of the problem. She is a thoroughly shitty person with bad priorities and a bad soul. She stayed married to a man who called Mexican rapists and thinks all black live in inner cities AS HE’S TALKING TO BLACK PEOPLE WHO DON’T LIVE IN INNER CITIES. I just cannot even fathom sleeping in the same room with a man who has said half of the things Trump said much less allow him to have the right to occasionally paw at and put his penis inside of me, no matter how large the paycheck is.

So y’all can feel bad and make all the Save Melania memes you want, but I’ll be sitting my black ass right here going “Fuck her enabling bullshit.” I am tired of being told to feel bad for white people who will not extend the same empathy for other human beings. And to Melania, good luck with all of that and I sincerely hope it doesn’t take Trump starting a war with your homeland for you to finally stand up and go Snapped on that awful orangutan.