List of Accomplishments of 2018

I normally am against such things as listing yearly accomplishments because I don’t like bragging about myself. But 2018 has been a very rough year that began as a huge mess with a fight with an “ex” (easiest way to describe it) and ended with me having to give up my lovely studio for health reasons. But I am far too accustomed to letting the bad outweigh the good. So based on advice from a therapist, I’m listing all the good things I’ve done this year, not to brag, but to give myself a sense of perspective and show that I still got a lot of shit done despite personal turmoil. I’m sure there stuff I left off and maybe I’ll go back and revise this but it feels good to just let it all out.

Before I begin, I want to give a very special thanks to Vanessa Valerio, Anita Flores, Natalie Wall, Bobby Hankinson, Cait Moldenhauer, Brian McGuinness, Aalap Patel, Tom Steffen, Richard James, Pat O’Shea, Keith Malley, Chemda Khalili, Kambri Crews, Chris Gersbeck, Katie Compa, Selena Coppock, Jenn Wehrung, Rachael Parenta, David Piccolomini, Robin Mathew, Asher Novek, Susan Kent, Lois Thompson, Josh Homer, Robin Bady, Carolina Hidalgo, John Bevacqua, Anna Paratore, Sherri Smith, Andrea Allan, Emily Lubin, John Fugelsang, Xorje Olivares, Kevin Scott Hall, Kelli Dunham, Jenny Rubin, Ken Schultz, Shawn Verhoy, and Freddy’s Bar and Backroom for hooking me up with special opportunities to perform and be heard in different venues/styles. And of course, thanks to everyone who put me up on your shows. Even if your name isn’t listed, you are all special and I’m honored to get to perform stand-up and storytelling with you.

List of 2018 Comedy Accomplishments:
Performer Accomplishments

  • Performed on roughly 250 shows this year
  • Auditioned for two network TV pilots despite not having representation (one did not make it to series)
  • Was a guest on a Sirius XM radio show (John Fugelsang’s Tell Me Everything; Affirmative Reaction w/ Xorje Olivares)
  • Was paid to host an open mic
  • Got to perform a 45 minute story in a lovely house in Brooklyn (thank you Robin Bady)
  • Was a part of the Keith And The Girl Podcast Marathon and accidentally blurted out some stuff about an ex (sorry…but also not sorry?)
  • Headlined a Queer POC Event for Rutgers University (thanks to LLEGO student group)
  • Got be a guest storyteller for Awkward Sex And The City; did a sold out show in Washington DC
  • Performed at Alamo Drafthouse (for Queer Film Theory)
  • Took a solo trip to Florida where I got to visit my brother’s grave and have sex in a parking lot (both items are unrelated)
  • Recorded a half hour stand up comedy set at QED Astoria
  • Wrote and performed an hour or stand-up and storytelling at three different venues
  • Successfully made it through another year of hosting Ed Sullivan on Acid at Freddy’s Bar and Backroom (longest running free comedy show in Brooklyn)
  • Performed on a naked show at a gay bar (Club Cumming)
  • Helped judge a high school musical/play competition
  • Took my friend to Stonewall Inn for the first time and had him get a lap dance from a drag queen
  • Performed on a show for dogs and dog lovers (Ruff Crowd w/ Buzz Baker)
  • Performed on a political event on Election Day where I got to see the Blue Wave happen in real time
  • Performed in Philadelphia for the first time
  • Co-hosted a live podcast/show with Anita Flores about all the non-cable TV we watched because we had no cable
  • Co-host a loose and chatty podcast with Carolina Hidalgo, John Bevacqua, and Anna Paratore
  • Did multiple GeeksOUT Podcasts where I got to discuss comic books with a queer bent
  • Talked about best Sade albums on a podcast
  • Performed on a show for Brooklyn Pride and then got recognized from that show months later
  • Made Time Out New York’s list of queer comics of color to watch
  • Performed at a house party with a hot tub that I got very drunk in
  • Recorded a bad date story courtesy of Singleling
  • Did a podcast where I got the hosts to try flavored condoms
  • Performed in Egremont, Massachusetts and got to catch up with a friend and drink too much canned wine
  • Received a lovely art piece of myself courtesy of Kweendom Comedy Show
  • Watched the summer fireworks at Coney Island
  • Wrote a fake obituary for a death-based theme show
  • Hosted Rachael Parenta’s hour long comedy album recording
  • Performed at a show with pole dancers
  • Got to be a part of a show that did movie riffs of softcore porn movies
  • Did a live podcast about being unemployed/underemployed where I got to play Mario Kart 64
  • Performed in a Christian church and had a wonderful set
  • Performed in a church for a predominately queer audience and had a wonderful set
  • Read a sex story I wrote when I was 14 years old to numerous audiences (some of whom were NOT prepared for it)

Playable Characters Podcast accomplishments (with Brian McGuinness and Aalap Patel):

  • Did a live show at Long Island Retro Expo
  • Did a live show at FlameCon
  • Booth at A Video Game Con
  • Booth at Brooklyn Geek Fest


  • One Liner Madness
  • StoryFest
  • Speak Up Rise Up Festival
  • Gotham Storytelling Festival
  • FlameCon (an LGBTQIA Comic-Con at Sheraton Hotel)

And here is to hoping that 2019 brings even bigger and better things!